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Accu-Scope Microscopes

Microscopes America offers a large selection of quality microscopes from Accu-Scope at deep discounts with free shipping. For over 60 years Accu-Scope has provided high quality, certified microscopes for clinical, research, educational and industrial applications. ACCU-SCOPE® microscopes have a world class reputation for excellence. Please call 1-800-790-8115 or e-mail us at Info@MicroscopesAmerica.com for further information. We simply offer the lowest price available and the fastest shipping - We are Microscopes America.


Accu-Scope Monocular Microscopes

Accu-Scope Monocular Microscopes are designed to provide educators with a high performance, student proof instrument at an affordable price. Designed to withstand years of heavy classroom use.


Accu-Scope 3088F Monocular Microscope
Accu-Scope 3080T Teaching Head Microscope









Accu-Scope Model 3088F-T Monocular Microscope
Accu-Scope Model 3088LED Monocular Microscope
Accu-Scope Model 3003 Monocular Microscope








Accu-Scope Model 1112 Elementary Monocular Microscope


Accu-Scope Model 1113-4 Monocular Microscope











Accu-Scope Binocular Microscopes

Accu-Scope Binocular Microscopes are excellent choice for educators, medical and veterinary professionals. Ideal for colleges, Laboatoeies and research facility application. Provides crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution, precision design, and enhanced illumination.


Accu-Scope Model 3002 Binocular Microscope
Accu-Scope Model 3000LED Binocular Microscope
Accu-Scope Model 3012 Binocular Microscope
ACCU-SCOPE 3025-BE-CS Ergonomic Binocular Microscope







Accu-Scope 3012-LED-PH Binocular Microscope
Accu-Scope 3012LED Binocular Microscope


Accu-Scope 3012PH Binocular Microscope










Accu-Scope Stereo Microscopes

Accu-Scope Stereo Microscopes offers educators and industry an exceptional value at an affordable price. Ideal for industrial applications, classrooms and hobbyists.

319CU Camera 3.2 Mega Pixel
DC9 Digital Color Camera LCD Pixel Shifting


319CU Camera 5 Mega Pixel





Accu-Scope Model 3080 Monocular Microscope





Accu-Scope 3069
Accu-Scope 3050 Series

Accu-Scope Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Accu-Scope Stereo Zoom Microscopes incorporate the highest quality optical elements to produce high resolution three-dimensional images at all magnifications. Versatile, multi-functional and affordable.

Accu-Scope 3055 Series










Accu-Scope® 3060 Series
Accu-Scope 3060TC Series
Accu-Scope 3061 Series









Accu-Scope Trinocular Microscopes

An advanced clinical microscope, the 3025 Microscope Series is an excellent value for laboratory and research applications. Designed around Accu-Scope’s AIS infinity optical system, the 3025 Series ensures outstanding optical performance and the versatility to add accessories to meet your needs. Engineered to provide optimal digital imaging capabilities, maximum ergonomic comfort and simple operation, the 3025 Series ensures high productivity for routine laboratory work. This series offers plenty of expansion capabilities including an optional ergonomic tilting head, additional optics, polarizer and analyzer, phase contrast, fluorescence, darkfield ,and all types of imaging capabilities. This new series offers outstanding value in the clinical grade class.

ACCU-SCOPE 3025 Trinocular with AIS Infinity Plan Objectives Microscope
ACCU-SCOPE 3025-2 Microscope Dual Viewing, Side to Side Multi-Observation System
ACCU-SCOPE 3025-3 3 Position, Side to Side Multi-Observation System


Accu-Scope 3025 Ergo Tilting Trinocular Microscope


Accu-Scope 3062 Series
Accu-Scope 3062US Series







ACCU-SCOPE 3025-5 Five Position, Side to Side, Multi-Observation System
ACCU-SCOPE 3013 Trinocular Microscope
ACCU-SCOPE 3001 LED Trinocular Microscope


ACCU-SCOPE 3013 Trinocular Microscope










Accu-Scope Digital Cameras

The New DC9: An all-inclusive camera which incorporates a 2" LCD monitor, SD card and USB output with a one-click capture function for simple and easy use on any microscope.

The new generation 519CU and 319CU Micrometrics CMOS Digital cameras builds on and improves upon the architecture of its predecessor by offering faster frame rates than ever possible before on USB 2.0 microscopy cameras.










Accu-Scope Inverted Microscopes

EMBRYOLOGY, TISSUE CULTURE, PHARMACOLOGY, AND IMMUNOLOGY APPLICATIONS. Incredibly Sharp, high contrast images driven by ACCU-SCOPE’s AIS infinity optical system make the 3032 inverted microscopes an outstanding performer for routine applications in embryology, tissue culture, pharmacology and immunology. The 3032’s ergonomic, modular design allows users to add a fluorescence illuminator with a 2 position filter cube slider. A third position on the filter slider is left open to quickly switch to brightfield or phase contrast. A wide variety of accessories allow the 3032 to be used for examining cell viability in petri dishes, culture flasks and well plates. Using ACCU-SCOPE’s Micrometrics® cameras and SE Premium software, the 3032 can easily be optimized for digital imaging.

ACCU-SCOPE 3032 inverted microscope
ACCU-SCOPE 3032 Plan Fluorescence Microscope 3032-EPI
ACCU-SCOPE 3032 Phase Plan Fluorite Fluorescence Microscope 3032PH-EPI-FL


Accu-Scope 3032 PHASE FLUORESCENCE Microscope 3032PH-EPI








ACCU-SCOPE 3032 Plan Fluorite Fluorescence 3032FL-EPI
ACCU-SCOPE 3030 inverted Microscope
Accu-Scope 3030PH inverted Microscope
Accu-Scope 3035 Metallurgical Microscope























Call Toll Free: 1-800-790-8115 E-mail: Info@MicroscopesAmerica.com

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