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• Microscopes America specializes in microscope sales and service. We offer Free shipping on all orders. We provde professional onsite servicing, and refurbishing of microscopes and balances. We cater to specific segments in the educational markets: public schools, private schools, colleges, and universities. We also specialize in servicing laboratory, clinical, and research microscopes for hospitals and government institutions.

All of our microscope specialists have been in the microscopy field for over 25 years. Microscope servicing and repair is a craft and should only be performed by those whom have mastered the skills necessary to competently return your microscopes to factory presets, OEM standards and specifications.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-790-8115 or e-mail us at Info@MicroscopesAmerica.com



Important Facts About Digital Scale Operation:

The intention of this information is meant to help you in determining the potential cause of an error or a malfunction. If this information helps you in any single way, it has accomplished its goal. We hope you find the information helpful & informative.


Avoid Overloading Your Digital Scale:

Overloading your digital scale can, and probably will, fatally damage your scale. They are only made to weigh to their maximum rated capacity. If you place an object on your scale beyond its capacity you can permanently damage your scale. Be selective with the objectives you are weighing. All digital scales can be permanently damaged if you overload them. The load cell is not made to take the additional weight. They are made with very sensitive and delicate load cells.

Avoid Using Inexpensive Batteries & Low Batteries:

We often receive telephone calls with customers complaining of an inaccurate scale or one that malfunctions. The number one reason for this problem is due to weak batteries or battery related issues. Scales must have a stable power supply or they will provide you with unstable results. Only purchase high quality batteries for your scale. If you do not, then replace the batteries often. Another issue related to batteries is the connections. Battery terminals must make a solid connection with your batteries to operate correctly. Ensure your terminals are connecting to the battery and not the plastic assembly of the scale.

Avoid Reverse Polarization:

Your power supply will have a positive (+), negative (-), and a neutral (o) at its prongs. These must match with your scales polarization. Basically, positive terminals must attach to positive terminals and the same applies for the negative terminals. Simply because your power supply powers up the scale does not mean it is the correct power supply. We always suggest you keep the correct power supply cord with the scale and label them as a matching pair. Numerous times, scales do not operate correctly because of reverse polarization. Simply ensure you are operating the right scale with the right power supply.

Avoid Using Your Digital Scale Near Electronic Devices:

Electrical disturbances are essentially magnetic fields. Electronic devices cause these magnetic disturbances. Scales react strongly toward magnetic fields. We recommend you do not use your scale near a computer, monitor, radio, cell phone, or television. If you place a cell phone near your scale you will visually see the scale reacting to its field.

Avoid unstable Readings By discharging Static Electricity:

Digital Scales can easily become charged with static electricity. Static electricity is essentially an electrical charge at rest or an electrical charge that accumulates on an object when it is rubbed against another object producing friction. In some working environments this phenomenon will occur. When it does, your must discharge it. You may use an anti-static spray or simply touch the scale and its tray to a grounded object.

Avoid Improperly Handling Your Digital Scale:

Scales are precision instruments. They are made with delicate sensors that can be permanently damaged by dropping them or crushing them. We always recommend you keep them in a safe place away from potential harm. Storing them in the shipping box is always a logical suggestion. Additionally, mishandling your scale can separate the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) from the PCB (Poly Circuit Board). You may see partial digits or no digits at all. When this occurs, you can gently depress on the LCD and reconnect it. In some cases, you will be required to remove the cover to reconnect the LCD.

Avoid Using Your Scale On An Uneven Surface:

All scales (whether mechanical or digital) require a flat stable surface in order to obtain an accurate result. This is especially true when you are calibrating your scale. If it has been calibrated inaccurately, it will only provide you with inaccurate results. An incorrect calibration will inhibit repeatability. Always ensure you have a flat surface.

Avoid Operating Without First Reading The Instructions:

Digital scales are made with different programming algorithms. A calibrating procedure for one scale does not mean it is the same procedure for another scale. When calibrating a digital scale you must correctly follow its programming procedure. Often, we assume a scale has been freshly calibrated when it has not. Many error messages and calibration errors can be identified, and eliminated, by simply following the detailed instruction manual supplied with the unit. Additionally, if your scale reads to the hundredths and thousandths place we recommend you become very familiar with calibration. If your scale has this level of accuracy we strongly suggest calibrating your scale each time it is used. This high level of sensitivity (.001g, .0001g) provides you with highly refined results so always ensure you are starting correctly.



Call Toll Free: 1-800-790-8115 E-mail: Info@MicroscopesAmerica.com

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