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Science and Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment and Supplies

Our Science and Lab Equipment and Supplies give students and teachers everything they need for a safe and hands-on learning environment. We offer Microscopes and Slide Sets for examining samples and organisms up close, Beakers and Glassware to safely hold and mix chemicals, and Disposable Laboratory Supplies for clean, non contaminated experiments every time. Our selection also includes Bunsen Burners, Hot Plates, Centrifuges, Slide warmers, Praffin dispenser, Wax trimmer, Tissue floating bath, Lab Thermometers, Alcohol Lamps, Clamps, Brushes and other popular science equipment.

Please call 1-800-790-8115 or e-mail us at for further information. We simply offer the lowest price available and the fastest shipping - We are Microscopes America, Inc.


Educational Specimens


Educational Skeletons
Prepared Slides
Bug Viewers









Pipette and Test Tubes

Stain Dishes and Glass Droppers


Laboratory Disposables


Microscopes Slides
Slide Storage Boxes
See All Slide Folders & Mailers
See All Blades and Lancets
Applicator Sticks and Tongue Depressors
Laboratory Pipets, Cassettes and Dropper Bottles


Tabletop Equipment


Hot Plates
Slide Warmers
Paraffin Dispenser
Wax Trimmer
Tissue Floating Bath


Science Supplies


Alcohol Lamps
Laboratory Brushes
Laboratory Porcelainware
Plastic Beakers and Cylinders
Laboratory Clamps
Laboratory Thermometers
Laboratory Bunsen Burners
Laboratory Wire Gauzes
Laboratory Knife Switches and Pulleys


Call Toll Free: 1-800-790-8115 E-mail:

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