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Premiere® Microscopes

Exceptional products at low price points coupled with extensive industry knowledge. Our Lab Microscopes feature advanced, easy-to-use technology and designs that help scientists and students get up close and personal with samples and specimens. We also offer Parts and Accessories to help you optimize or repair your Microscope. Equip your school or professional lab with these powerful tools and zoom in on every important scientific detail.

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Premiere® Student Microscopes

Our Student Microscopes offer high-resolution viewing, intuitive operation, lightweight portability, and multi-functional versatility for young scientists of all grade levels. Available features include rechargeable batteries, high-powered magnification, adjustable platforms for multi-angle viewing of slides and samples, built-in lighting. Equip your school classroom laboratory with our Student Microscopes and give your students the power to explore the natural world in a number of ways.




Premiere® Student Microscope MS-01
Premiere® Student Microscope Cordless MS-01L
Premiere® Student Microscope MS-03
Premiere® Student Microscope Cordless MS-03L








Premiere® Student Hobby Microscopes

Our Student/Hobby Microscopes offer high-resolution viewing, intuitive operation, lightweight portability, and multi-functional versatility for young scientists of all grade levels.

Premiere® My First Lab Microscope MFL-02
Premiere® My First Lab Ultimate Microscope MFL-05
Premiere® My First Lab "Ultimate" Digital Microscope MFL-85


Premiere® My First Lab Duo-Scope MFL-06










Premiere® Professional Microscopes

Premiere® Professional Microscope MIS-5000

Our Professional Microscopes feature powerful and precise eyepiece and lens technology to give you a sharp view of samples and specimens. These products offer easy-to-operate designs and flexible lighting options to help you see specimens and samples clearly in any research environment. Equip your lab with our Professional Microscopes and enjoy high-performance viewing for years to come.

Premiere® Professional Microscope MIS-6000
Premiere® Professional Microscope MIS-8000









Premiere® Professional Microscope MRP-5000


Premiere® Professional Microscope MRP-3000










Premiere® Medical and Research Microscopes

Our Medical and Research Lab Microscopes are designed to meet the demands of modern laboratory microscopy. Our research microscopes offer the same optics as our larger professional scopes with ball bearing movements in focusing and stage systems to ensure long life, reliability and acuuracy with various models to meet a wide range of needs.

Premiere® Medical and Research Microscope MRJ-03L
Premiere® Medical and Research Microscope MRJ-01
Premiere® Medical and Research Microscope MRJ-01L











Premiere® Advanced Microscopes

Our Advanced microscope series is equiped with the most popular features and offers a choice of head to fit various need and budgets. The cool fluorescent lighting provides white light with little heat and longer bulb life.

Premiere® Advanced Microscope MF-02
Premiere® Advanced Microscope MF-01











Premiere® Dual View Microscopes

Premiere® Dual View Microscope MF-04

Each of our popular binocular models can be ordered as Dual View Microscopes, ideal for one-one teaching. The binocular head is replaced with an adapter fitted to two binocular heads with slide-type interpupillary adjustment and 10X WF eyepieces. All other specifications match the base binocular model.

Premiere® Dual View Microscope MRJ-03D


Premiere® Dual View Microscope MRP-5000D



Premiere® Dual View Microscope MRP-3000D







Premiere® Trinocular Microscopes

Premiere® Trinocular Microscope MRP-5000T

Our trinocular versions of popular professional scopes offer a third vertical eyetube suitable for a camera attachment (available separately). Base specifications of each model remain the same as the binocular version with the addition of the eyetube. The third 10 X eyepiece is not included and should be ordered separately if desired.

Premiere® Trinocular Microscope MRJ-03T
Premiere® Inverted Microscope MIS-9000
Premiere® MIS-6000T Trinocular Microscope Professional


Premiere® Trinocular Microscope MRP-3000T








Premiere® MIS-8000T Trinocular Professional Microscope
Premiere® Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope SMZ-04
Premiere® Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope SMZ-07










Premiere® Stereo Microscopes

Premiere® Stereo Microscope SMP-13

Our advanced Stereo microscopes offer built in turret objectives that make it convenient to change magnification. Head can be raised or lowered to accomadate various sized specimens. Versatile illumination system offers incident (top) lighting or transmitted (bottom) lighting through the frosted glass stage plate. Precision optics provide a wide field of view with good depth and high resolution.

Premiere® Stereo Microscope SMP-24








Premiere® Stereo Microscope i-explore SMD-04


Premiere® Stereo Microscope SMJ Series



Premiere® Stereo Zoom Microscopes

With Stereo Zoom Microscopes, once the specimen is brought into focus, you can change the magnification to suit your needs without refocusing. The SMZ is versatile enough for educational, industrial, or medical use in agriculture, geology, archeology or biology fields.

Premiere® Stereo Zoom Microscope SMZ-05
Premiere® Stereo Zoom Microscope SMZ-02











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